I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought Han, made it out of the flaming wreck that was once his beloved RX-7, alive. I naively thought that Tokyo Drift happened way back in the mid 2000s and that by showing Han in recent movies where they didn’t record racing on flip phones, it was a sure sign he had escaped. But alas the writers of Fast and Furious chose to hammer the final nail in the coffin and use his untimely exit to introduce the hammer in question, The Transporter, err I mean Jason Statham.

Now Han Seoul-Oh was an all round cool dude, and a chilled member of the team. I can’t actually remember what his specialty was but I liked his character, and he got to hook up with Wonder Woman. So in short after the heartless Fast and Furious writers stomped on my hope of him actually escaping certain death, I was instantly sad that there’d be no more Han in the future installments.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Han was alive and kicking. It looks like he relocated to California and spends his time restoring Datsuns. What I love more is when you delve into people who are a part of the Fast and Furious franchise and find out that deep down they really are car guys.

Anyway back to the Datsuns. Han and his buddies started a Youtube series called “Z Dream” which chronicles the restoration of a classic Nissan 240 Z. The series is great and it gives you a bit of insight into Han trying to get away from it all by losing time, building a sweet ride.